Glass Gardening began when Cecelia Childress developed her fascination in memories conjured by antique glass.  Born in 1956, she traces her past as her eyes sift through the glass sections of antique stores in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  “People use different objects to transport them- old comic books, costume jewelry, or even the types of chairs their parents would use while playing their weekly game of poker,” she states.

Cecelia’s personal memories attached to antique glass, plants pieces of her mother’s strength, her aunt’s elegance, and hectic holidays of her old home in La Grange, IL.  For others, her garden designs create a portal into anything- thoughts of peace, celebration, history, or beauty.

Re-purposing antique pieces into flowers to be placed alongside nature’s flowers, allows people to enjoy a transformation of found objects into jewelry for the garden.  The pieces spark visual interest, enhance what’s around them, and communicate whatever the viewer calls for. “I’ve always felt a deep calmness and happiness when I’m in my garden,” says Cece, “I want others to have an experience in their garden.”

Cecelia Childress’ designs are sustainable, both environmentally and economically.  All of the glass has been found or bought used and will not deteriorate over time.  The pieces are priced according to the money and time put into the creation, not by how much profit can be yanked from the buyer.  Each piece created sustains a part of history, giving it a new home in our present.

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